Should Your Business Be on LinkedIn?

Posted by on February 20, 2016 in Social Media | Comments Off on Should Your Business Be on LinkedIn?

As a site where business professionals primarily go to post their resumes, job experience and industry-related news, LinkedIn isn’t in the same type of category as other popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although your employees may choose to be on the site for their own reasons, you may wonder if it’s worth having an active business account on the site as well. The answer depends largely on your business.

Create a Profile

The Pew Research Center reports that 22 percent of the entire adult population (25 percent of adult Internet users) is on LinkedIn. To ignore this potential audience entirely would be a mistake. Create a profile for your company and encourage your employees to do so as well, especially the people in sales or anyone who interacts with potential customers. Your company may already be listed because of past and current employees’ profiles, and it’s better that anyone interested in your company sees a vibrant, informative profile page when they click on your company name instead of a blank, non-detailed default page. You’ll be able to link to your website and list all of your contact info and since you can incorporate industry-specific keywords into your profile, your page will rank higher in search engines.

Find Your Clients

According to Expanded Ramblings, LinkedIn enjoys 100 million unique visitors each month. Your current clients and potential clients may already be listed. Make a connection with them through LinkedIn and connect with other experts in the industry who might prove valuable assets. This is especially important if your business is a B2B (business to business) company that largely or exclusively sells to other businesses instead of the general public. If your company is B2C (business to customer), connecting with potential customers via LinkedIn becomes far too complicated and not worth the effort. However, it’s still helpful to connect with other professionals in the industry.

Cross-Promote Your Content

Most businesses simply don’t have the time to craft exclusive content for LinkedIn, nor will they see a return on their investment in LinkedIn that’s worth the additional effort. Rather than creating content specifically for LinkedIn in addition to the content you create for your website’s blog and social media profiles, use LinkedIn to cross-promote this content with all of your other profiles and your website. Every time you post a new blog or video, link to it from your LinkedIn profile. When you’re looking for customer feedback, ask for feedback from your LinkedIn connections in addition to your social media profiles. A LinkedIn profile is another platform for your content, and it will boost your presence on search engine results lists for terms related to your industry.

Every business should create a profile and encourage their employees to have their own profiles on LinkedIn, but how much time you spend engaging the LinkedIn community depends largely on your business model and target demographic. Most business to customer businesses won’t need an active presence on the site, but business to business companies may find the effort worthwhile. Just be sure to give your company’s other social media profiles more precedence.